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liron apartment

The Liron project is a 5 room apartment in Ezorei Chen, Tel-Aviv, belonging to a young couple with two sweet kids.

I have chosen a combination of minimalism and 1970s. 

The style of the 1970s is reflected in a round dining table made of walnut wood, and an elliptical television cabinet in ultra-yellow. The ultra-yellow color also appears in the dining room chairs. A black and yellow lamp hanging above the dining area is also from the 70s but made of modern materials.

The kitchen in clean, straight lines with integral handles is the embodiment of minimalism.

A “jeans” sofa creates a young and happy atmosphere in the family room, and the yellow color of the armchair can be seen in the living room. The carpet with a vintage touch (an echo of the seventies). Black mesh curtains complete the picture.

If you want to create the same design in your house, please, contact me.

Price calculation and consultation are free.

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