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Boutique Hotel Krasnaya Polyana

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Hotel is located in the world known resort of Olympic Games 2014 - Sochi, Russia.  

The hotel is located on the mountain slopes of Krasnaya Polyana, the unique historical place of beekeepers, which is reflected in the theme of the hotel.

This project is currently under construction.

With the strict minimalist style, I used only natural materials and textures.

The SPA will be located on the lower floor (underground floor), and will resemble the feeling of a "dark cave full of mysteries". 


For the SPA I used black or dark materials, together with hidden lighting, to create intimacy.

The restaurant, located above the main entrance, is designed in European eclecticism with vintage elements, last century parquet, brass, bronze (taps and lighting), marble and onyx, velvet and corduroy (sofas and chairs).

The theme of the Beekeepers can be seen in vintage and modern paintings placed in the restaurant, lobby, and hotel corridors.

The rooms on the second floor are designed in Romantic style with furniture of the 70s and elements of vintage.  

The motives of Provence, sunny meadows with flowers, honeycombs, bees, and apiaries were all used to create the warmth of the hotel interior.

If you want to create the same design in your house, please, contact me.

Price calculation and consultation are free.

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