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A two-level loft in south Tel-Aviv. Once there was a small shop, then a grocery store, then a workshop .. Old wooden sliding doors have been preserved. They are very nice and resemble windows in Europe. The owners believe, however, like me, that in the near future there will be a Tel-Aviv "Soho" and then you can arrange a bar in this room.

Taking into account this wish of the owners, I designed the lower floor in the oriental style, which has been present in these old streets of Tel-Aviv since the time of the Ottoman Empire. This is expressed in a carpet of patterned tiles with edging, the same tiles are marked with the "Victory Gate" - pillars and concrete beam on the second floor, bathroom floor and steps.

A spiral staircase to the second floor adds lightness to the project. I also kept the beautiful wooden beams in the gap between the floors.


If you want to create the same design in your house, please, contact me.

Price calculation and consultation are free.

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