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Mira apartment

An apartment which I have designed is meant for a lady rabbi who is a spiritual teacher in Judaism. 

The apartment owner wanted to fulfil her dream and asked me not to be afraid of strong and bright colours. She imagined floor mats made of painted oriental concrete tiles like they used to be in Old Jaffa and generally in the Middle East.

She decided for a pink shower room as by her mother in the 1950s.


A gentle country kitchen in green apple colour transmits joy of life. Same colour appears also in tiles of the floor mats. I designed a large library covering the whole wall for holy books. The library is white and airy. The old desk of the owner’s mother is integrated into it.


Furniture and lighting fixtures were purchased over the years at flea markets in Israel and around the world and incorporated into the overall design.

If you want to create the same design in your house, please, contact me.

Price calculation and consultation are free.

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