avital apartment

I call this project “non-standard”.

The grown children left the nest and their parents, a successful couple in their 50s decided

create a space in place of their rooms that does not in any way resemble an ordinary apartment.

So, this is not a kitchen - but a bar, this is not a dining table - but a bar counter, this is not a living room - but a billiard room, this is not banal upholstered furniture - instead, a chic velvet rookery of mustard color, which corresponds to an acid yellow refrigerator.

Unusual materials - the kitchen, wine shelves, bathroom doors, and bathroom cabinets are made of 3-6 mm iron. A TV shelf is made of it too.

The concept is a contrast of rough and sophisticated materials and colors. Here, the iron kitchen is installed on a classic fishbone parquet, an untreated concrete ceiling and a pillar against the softest velvet sofa, precious terracotta on the bathroom walls and exposed cables of unconventional lighting.

And to top it off, a huge TV and the most modern, most stylish equipment for listening to music.

I warned you - this is not a standard project.



If you want to create the same design in your house, please, contact me.

Price calculation and consultation are free.

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